36th Annual Convention 
March 2015
Virginia Beach, VA

ILA Executive Board

June, 2013 to March, 2014

Elected officers (1-10) only (not appointed officers--11-15) are voting members of the Executive Board.

Constitution reads: " A majority of the voting members of the Board constitutes a quorum of the Board."

All elected officers will be limited to a six year term limit, combined across all elected positions. Members may self-nominate or be nominated to serve in an elected position following a three year sabbatical.

The Executive Director is required to attend Executive Board meetings.

Elected 2011-15

1--President (3rd year of 4 year term)

Debra Worthington
Comm & Journalism
217 Tichenor Hall
Auburn AL 36849

Elected 2012-16

2--1st VP (2nd year of 4 year term)

Pamela Cooper
One University Blvd
Univ of So Carolina Beaufort
Bluffton SC 29909

Elected 2013-17

3--1st VP Elect (1st year of 4 year term)

Philip C. Tirpak
4522 Lantern Place
Alexandria VA 22306

(Previous 1 year term as 2nd VP membership)

Elected 2013-15

4--Secretary (2 year term)

Kae Van Engen
873 16th Street
Sioux City, IA  51250

Elected 2013-15

5--MAL, PR (2 year term)

Michael Z Murphy
1167 Thomas St
Hillside, NJ  07205

Elected 2013-15

6--MAL, Global (2 year term)

Michelle Pence
4901 East University Blvd.
Odessa, TX 79762

(Previous 1 year term as Secretary)

Appointed 2013-14 (to finish 1 year term)

7--2nd VP Membership (2 year term)

Chris Bond
4525 Downs Dr,, Communication Studies Dept.
St. Joseph, MO 64507

(Previous 2009-2012 Pres Ascendancy)

Elected 2010-12; Elected 2012-14

8--MAL Special Projects (2 year term)

Melissa Beall
1607 W. 4th St
Cedar Falls IA 56013

Appointed 2011-12; Elected 2012-14

9--Student Member (2 year term)

Trevor Hannum
13415 W. 8th Terrace
Lenexa, KS  66125

(Appointed to finish 1 year term)

Elected 2010-14

10--Immediate Past President (4th year of 4 year term)

Alan R. Ehrlich
100 Middlesex Blvd, Apt 212
Plainsboro, NJ 08536

Appointed 2012-15

11--IJL Editor (non voting) (3 year term; 4th year as mentor)

Margarete Imhof
Watfordstrasse 12 A
Mainz, Germany 55122

Appointed 2013-16

12--Listening Post Editor (non voting) (3 year term; 4th year as mentor)

Gayle Pohl
University of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls, IA  56013

Appointed 2011-14

13--Web Editor (non voting) (3 year term; 4th year as mentor)

Shaughan Keaton
6897 Byers Creek Rd
Young Harris, GA 30582

Appointed 2012-15

14--Listening Education Editor (non voting) (3 year term; 4th year as mentor)

Erica Lamm
1811 Westwind Way
McLean VA 22102

Appointed 2007

15--Executive Director (non voting) (no term)

Nanette Johnson-Curiskis
943 Park Drive
Belle Plaine MN  56011

Dr. Nanette Johnson-Curiskis
 Executive Director, International Listening Association 
Box 164, Belle Plaine MN 56011 USA
Phone and TEXT: 1.952.594.5697 
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