The Listening Post

The Listening Post is the ILA Newsletter.  It is published 2-3 times per year.  New issues are digital; early issues are scanned from hard copies and are posted as pdf documents which require Adobe Reader.  The Listening Post, especially older issues produced before we published The International Journal of Listening, contain articles by researchers and scholars as well as news about the ILA, conventions, and members. 

Archived Listening Posts
The index LP_index_thru 2007.xls  can be used to get a general idea of what is included in each issue.  It is not by any means comprehensive. This data base of older Posts only provides limited keywords.  These are indexed by Issue #, Month, Year of issue.   Please contact us at info@listen.org for questions or to suggest changes or corrections.

Of Special Interest
The keynote address delivered by Wes Wiksell is available at this link: Keynote Address, 1981 At that time, Wiksell presented the ILA with the Presidential gavel which he handmade.  The history of the gavel is one of our long standing traditions. 

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