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Member Benefits

An ILA membership provides the following benefits:

  • Subscription to the Listening Post; our online newsletter which not only includes organizational information but also articles by leading researchers and authors
  • Subscription to the International Journal of Listening which is published three times a year.  The Journal contains research in the field of listening and promotes the evidence-based practice of listening and listening pedagogy.  Everyone has online access to the Journal as a part of their membership. Hard copies of the International Journal of Listening will be ordered and billed each fall for renewing members.  New members will pay for the hard copy along with their membership fee.
  • Exclusive access to the Members’ Only Directory
  • Access to the Convention Resource Papers Center which includes articles and copies of programs by listening and communication scholars, teachers, and trainers.
  • Access to other members and networking opportunities for the purpose of curriculum development, training and pedagogy
  • Access to the top teachers, scholars, researchers, trainers, authors in the field
  • Access to a discussion and networking forum as well as listening activities appropriate for many areas
  • Reduced convention rates for our annual convention which meets in various parts of the world and which regularly offers high-quality scholarly and practical programs
  • Voting rights important for election of officers and organizational business
  • Access to the ILA Archives which include newsletters, various papers, articles and photographs covering the last 35 years of the organization.
Dr. Nanette Johnson-Curiskis
 Executive Director, International Listening Association 
Box 164, Belle Plaine MN 56011 USA
Phone and TEXT: 1.952.594.5697 
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