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ILA Board, Committee Members, Documents, and History

Information concerning the governing of the ILA can be accessed on this site.  The current executive board serves until 2016. Information dealing with the Constitution and Bylaws and a list of past Presidents are all available by clicking on the links provided.

Nominations needed when Convention held in Odd numbered Years--2 year terms except VP Elect and Nominating Committee; 6 year term limit

1st VP Elect (moves up to VP Elect/Convention Planner, President, Immediate Past President)
MAL Global
Nomination Committee Members
Nominations needed when Convention held in Even numbered Years--2 year terms except VP Elect and Nominating Committee; 6 year term limit
1st VP Elect (moves up to VP Elect/Convention Planner, President, Immediate Past President)
2nd VP Membership
Student Member
MAL Special Projects
Nomination Committee Members
ILA Executive Board

Elected officers (1-10), not appointed officers--11-15, are voting members of the Executive Board.

Quorum--Constitution reads: " A majority of the voting members of the Board constitutes a quorum of the Board."

All elected officers will be limited to a six year term limit, combined across all elected positions. Members may self-nominate or be nominated to serve in an elected position following a three year sabbatical.

The Executive Director is required to attend Executive Board meetings.

Elected 2013-17

1--President (3rd year of 4 year term)

Philip C. Tirpak
4522 Lantern Place
Alexandria VA 22306

Elected 2014-18

2--1st VP (2nd year of 4 year term)

Kent Zimmerman
Sinclair Community College
444 W. 3rd Street
Dayton OH 45402-1460

Elected 2015-19

3--1st VP Elect (1st year of 4 year term)

Charles Veenstra
156 - 2nd Avenue SE
Sioux Center, IA 51250

Elected 2013; 2015


Kae Van Engen
873 16th Street
Sioux City, IA  51250

Elected 2013; 2015

5--MAL, PR

Michael Z Murphy
1167 Thomas St
Hillside, NJ  07205

Elected 2013-15

Previous 2 year term as secretary

6--MAL, Global

Michelle Pence
4901 East University Blvd.
Odessa, TX 79762


7--2nd VP Membership

To be appointed

Elected 2010-12; Elected 2012-14;
Elected 2014-16

8--MAL Special Projects (2 year term)

Melissa Beall
1607 W. 4th St
Cedar Falls IA 56013

Elected 2014-16

9--Student Member (2 year term)

Victoria Hill
1914 55th ST SW
Naples FL 34116

Elected 2012-16

10--Immediate Past President (4th year of 4 year term)

Pamela Cooper
One University Blvd.
Univ of South Carolina, Beaufort
Bluffton, SC 29909

Appointed 2011-14
Appointed 2014-2017

11--IJL Editor (non voting) (3 year term; 4th year as mentor)

Margarete Imhof
Watfordstrasse 12 A
Mainz, Germany 55122

Appointed 2013-2016

12--Listening Post Editor (non voting) (3 year term; 4th year as mentor)

Gayle Pohl
University of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls, IA  56013

Appointed 2014-17

13--Web Editor (non voting) (3 year term; 4th year as mentor)

Beth Montgomery
103 Shoals Dr., K7
Savannah, GA 31410

Appointed 2012-2015

14--Listening Education Editor (non voting) (3 year term; 4th year as mentor)

Erica Lamm
1811 Westwind Way
McLean VA 22102

Appointed 2007

15--Executive Director (non voting) (no term)

Nanette Johnson-Curiskis
943 Park Drive
Belle Plaine MN  56011

ILA 2014-2015 Committees

Committee membership is open to active members

The Purpose of the Association is to advance the practice, teaching, and research of listening throughout the world.

The purpose of the Association will be accomplished in the following ways:

           1.  The Association will establish a network of professionals committed to promoting the study and development of effective listening.

           2.  Members will exchange information by sharing teaching objectives, learning activities, promotional methods, materials and additional professional experiences.

           3.  Members are encouraged to pursue listening research as listening affects humanity on multiple levels of economic, educational, racial, cultural, and international relations.

           4.  Members will pursue management strategies and efforts promoting effective listening in government and business.


The Vision of the Association is to be the international leader of listening practices, teaching and research.

Nan Johnson-Curiskis, Chair
Harvey Weiss

Awards TBD

Gayle Pohl, Listening Post, Chair
Margarete imhof, IJL Editor
Erica Lamm, Listening Educ Editor
Michael Z Murphy
Andrea Vickery

Local Arrangements 2016
First VP, Chair Kent Zimmerman,
First VP elect, Charles Veenstra

Nominations (Chair to be selected by committee)
Program Planning Committee
First VP, Chair (Phil Tirpak) Research chair
Education chair
Healthcare chair
Business chair

Membership Committee
Second VP, Chair (To be appointed)

Financial Review Committee
First VP Elect, and Secretary, Co-Chairs
(Charles Veenstra and Kae VanEngen)
Melissa Beall

Bylaws Revision Committee
First VP Elect, and Secretary, Co-Chairs
(Charles Veenstra and Kae VanEngen)

Public Relations Committee
Member-at-Large #1
(Michael Z Murphy)

Special Projects Committee
Member-at-Large #2
(Melissa Beall)
Erica Lamm, Chair

Andrea Vickery
Chris Bond
Judi Brownell
Sheila Bentley
Jerry Catt-Oliason
Carol Christy
Margaret Fitch-Hauser
James Floyd
Dick Halley
Margarete Imhof
Laura Janusik
Avi Kluger
Bill Mickelson
Michelle Pence
Mike Purdy
Helen Ralston
Charles Roberts
Tiffany Shroeder
Andrea Vickery
Teija Waaramaa
Andy Wolvin
Debra Worthington

Helen Ralston, Chair
Alan Ehrlich
Carole Grau
Don R. Swanson
Sardool Singh
Sheila C. Bentley

Melissa Beall, Co Chair
Nan Johnson-Curiskis, Co Chair
Tom E. Wirkus
Vincenne Waxwood
Teruko Akita
Sardool Singh
Peter deLisser
Pam Cooper

Global Outreach Committee
Member-at-Large #3
(Michelle Pence)

CLP Committee

The chairs of the Standing Committees appointed by the President are: Archives, Awards, Business, Education, Healthcare, Local Arrangements, Certified Listening Professional, and Research

International Listening Association
C/O Dr. Nanette Johnson-Curiskis, Executive Director
943 Park Drive, Belle Plaine MN 56011 USA
Phone and TEXT: 1.952.594.5697 
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