International Listening Association

Notable Members

Founding Members

Any member who joined the Association during the first year and has maintained membership in the Association from that time forward shall be listed in the convention program each year as a founding member (listed alphabetically). 

 #0011 Larry L. Barker
 #0014 Jerald Carstens
 #0068 Carolyn Coakley Hickerson*
 #0033 Edith Walters Cole
 #0069 James East*
 #0073 Ella Erway
 #0007 Mary Forestieri
 #0024 Corinne Geeting*
 #0046 William M. Gehring*
 #0094 Warren Gore
 #0059 Carol Grau
 #0010 Joyce Donen Hirschhorn
 #0075 Nanette Johnson-Curiskis
 #0034 Nadine Marsnik
 #0058 Ray McKelvy
 #0063 E. Lucile Nichols*
 #0062 Ralph G. Nichols*
 #0035 Terry H. Ostermeier
 #0057 Kenneth Paulin
 #0096 Richard R. Reagan
 #0003 Alice Ridge
 #0101 Arthur Robertson
 #0200 Dee Steil*
 #0001 Lyman K. (Manny) Steil
 #0031 Milda Steinbrecher
 #0093 Stanford E. Taylor
 #0030 Erika Vora
 #0100 Kittie W. Watson
 #0016 Harvey F. Weiss 
 #0171 Tom Wirkus 
 #0027 Florence I. Wolff*
 #0009 Andrew Wolvin
(* Denotes Deceased)

ILA Hall of Fame Members (As of March 2013)

The Hall of Fame Award is presented to individuals who are recognized for notable achievements involving listening in academic, business or other settings. Selection to the Listening Hall of Fame is the highest award of the Association. Winners have contributed to the advancement of effective listening over a number of years. 


 2012 Dick Halley 
 2011 Rick Bommelje^
 2011 Michael Gilbert^
 2011 Tom Wirkus+
 2010 Edie Cole+^
 2010 Carole Grau+^
 2009 Nan Johnson-Curiskis+^
 2008 Melissa Beall^
 2007 Warren Gore+
 2006 Bob Bohlken^
 2006 Kathy Thompson
 2006 Kittie Watson+^
 2005 Weslynn Martin
 2004 Margaret Fitch-Hauser^
 2003 Judi Brownell
 2002 Charles V. Roberts^
 2001 Sheila Bentley^
 2000 Ethel Glenn
 1999 Wayne Bond ^
 1998 Nadine Marsnik+^
 1997 Harvey Weiss+^
 1997 Harvey Weiss+^
 1995 Judi Brownell
 1994 Michael Purdy
 1992 William Arnold^
 1991 Robert Bostrom
 1990 Paul Friedman
 1990 Belle Ruth Witkin
 1989 Donald Spearritt
 1988 Carolyn Coakley-Hickerson+^*
 1986 Florence Wolff +^
 1985 Lyman K. "Manny" Steil+^
 1985 Andrew Wolvin+^
 1984 Paul Bagwell
 1984 Ella Erway
 1983 Charles T. Brown
 1983 Carl Weaver
 1981 Seth Fessenden
 1981 Harry Goldstein
 1981 Sara Lundsteen
 1981 Alice Ridge+^
 1981 Carl Rogers
 1981 Wesley Wiksell
 1981 Miriam Wilt 
 1980 James I. Brown
 1980 Sam Duker
 1980 Ralph Nichols+^*
 1980 Paul Rankin

(+Denotes Founding Member, ^Denotes Life Member, *Denotes Deceased)

Lifetime Members

In 1979 a group of concerned and committed individuals met on the campus of the University of Minnesota for the first State of the art Symposium. Under the leadership of Lyman K. "Manny" Steil, those 27 professionals decided to form the International Listening Association. The ILA has grown to include members from all over the world. Those listed below are Lifetime members.

W. Clifton Adams

Linda Albert

Alberta Arnold

William Arnold

Yoshio Asano

Teruko (Teri) Aso

Beverly Aweve

Emmanuel S. A. Ayee

Susan Ellen Bacon

Larry Barker

Kimberly Batty-Herbert

Melissa Beall

Sheila Bentley

Robert Bohlken

Richard Bommelje

Wayne Bond

Jay Brandon

Ila June Brown-Pratt

Jerry Catt-Oliason

Byung In Cho

Carolyn Coakley Hickerson *

Edie Cole

Judith Cole *

Pamela Cooper

Daniel Corey

Diana Corley Schnapp

Beth Courtier

Carolyn deLisser

Peter deLisser

George Dwyer

Sakae Endo

Gregory Enos

Ella Erway

Margaret Fitch-Hauser

James Floyd

Mary Forestieri

Wendy Fraser *

Corrine Geeting *

William Gehring *

Catherine Gifford

Michael Gilbert

Tim Gilmor

Warren Gore

Frances Grant

Carole Grau

Jennifer Grau

Barnett C. Helzberg

Thomas Hickerson

Joyce Donen Hirschhorn

Bill Holland

Richard Hunsaker

Margarete Imhof

Laura Janusik

Nanette Johnson-Curiskis

Mark LeBlanc

Nadine Marsnik

Sally McCracken

Ray McKelvy

Justin McKeown

Murlene McKinnon

Mary Ann Messano-Ciesla

Robert Metke

John Murphy

Michael Z Murphy

Robert Neuleib

Linda Wilson Nichols

E. Lucile Nichols *

Ned Nichols *

Ralph Nichols *

Jack Nichols

Rick Nienow

Barbara Nixon

Warton Ong

Lisa Orick-Martinez

Kenneth Paulin

James Pratt

Sara Gayle Pyfrom *

Shelby Reigstad

Paul Rich

Alice Ridge

Charles Roberts

Arthur Robertson

Liz Lavallee Shifflett

Dee Steil *

Lyman "Manny" Steil

Sandy Stein

Hiroko Suzuki

Philip Tirpak

Charles Veenstra

Kittie Watson

Harvey Weiss

Gil Whitman

Florence Wolff *

Andrew Wolvin

Debra Worthington

Ray Young

(*Denotes deceased)

Listening Legends

The first Listening Legend award was presented to ILA Founder Lyman K. "Manny" Stiel in 2002. Listening Legends are members who have made an indelible mark on listening and ILA.

Lyman K. "Manny" Stiel

Ralph Nichols*

Andrew Wolvin

Carol Grau

Larry Barker

Sheila Bentley

Wayne Bond

Kittie Watson

Bob Bolken

Melissa Beall

Nadine Marsnik

Harvey Weiss

Erika Vora

Jim Floyd

Kathy Thompson

(*Denotes deceased)

Dr. Nanette Johnson-Curiskis
 Executive Director, International Listening Association 
Box 164, Belle Plaine MN 56011 USA
Phone and TEXT: 1.952.594.5697 
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