Audio of Past Conventions

These audio files were recorded at various ILA Conventions. They are available as mp3 files. The ILA is not responsible for inaudible or lapsed data. However, if a file is corrupted, please let us know. Many of these files are quite large; please be patient as they download to your desktop.

1984 First Summer Conference Booklet
1984 First Summer Conference Audio File
1984 First Summer Conference Audio Files Log/Database
1984 Summer Conference audio file

1985 Summer Conference Audio files
Summer conference 1985 1  Keynote, The Pragmatic Challenge Pt. 1
Keynote, The Pragmatic Challenge Pt. 2
Summer conference 1985 2  State Of The Art Of Listening: Education, Corporate Wolvin, Coakley, Murphy
Summer conference 1985 3 Test is Marsnik

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