Convention Venues, Planners and Themes

 Planner/President*  Venue  Theme
 Lyman K. "Manny" Steil  #1  1980 Atlanta, GA Listening: 1980 and Beyond; Birth of the ILA
 Lyman K. "Manny" Steil  #2  1981 Denver, CO Rocky Mountain High
 Sally Webb #3  1982 Washington, DC Washington Listens '82
 Bob Miller  #4 1983 St. Paul, MN No Theme
 Andrew D. Wolvin #5  1984 Scottsdale, AZ The Field of Listening: Directions in the 80's
 Marguerita Lyle  #6  1985 Orlando, FL Building Bridges Through Listening
 Larry Baker #7  1986 San Diego, CA Conceptual Frontiers in Listening
 Carolyn Coakley Hickerson #8  1987 New Orleans, LA Listening in an Age of High Tech - High Touch
 William E. Arnold  #9  1988 Scottsdale, AZ Listening Makes a Difference
 Kittie W. Watson  #10  1989 Atlanta, GA Listening: The Next Generation
 Ethel C. Glenn  #11  1990 Indianapolis, IN Centering Listening in an Oral Culture
 Wayne Bond  #12  1991 Jacksonville, FL Listening as an Agent of Change
 Judi Brownell  #13  1992 Seattle, WA A Listening Mosaic
 Michael Gilbert  #14  1993 Memphis, TN Listening as Empowerment
 Sheila Bentley #15  1994 Boston, MA Listening: An Agent for Positive Change
 Margaret Fitch-Hauser #16  1995 Little Rock, AK Listening in the Natural State
 Phillip Emmert #17  1996 Sacramento, CA Listening: Building Foundations
 Susan Ellen Bacon #18  1997 Mobile, AL Listening: Celebrate the Past, Prepare for the Future
 Janet Cherry #19  1998 Kansas City, KS Listening: The Heart of Humanity
 Charles Roberts #20  1999 Albuquerque, NM Listening Enchantment
 Harvey Weiss  #21  2000 Virginia Beach, VA The Listening Spirit
 Dick Halley #22   2001 Chicago, IL 2001: An Odyssey Toward Effective Listening
 Kimberly Batty-Herbert #23  2002 Scottsdale, AZ Listening: The Foundation of Community
 Melissa Beall #24  2003 Stockholm, Sweden Touch the World: Listen
 Ray McKelvy #25  2004 Ft. Myers, FL Listen to Bridge the Gulf
 Barbara Nixon #26  2005 Minneapolis, MN The Power of Listening
 Maria Roca #27  2006 Salem, OR Listening: The Language of Peace
 Margarete Imhof #28  2007 Frankfurt, Germany Listen and Make the Connection
 Lisa Orick-Martinez #29  2008 Portland, ME Listening Lights the Way
 Rick Bommelje #30  2009 Milwaukee, WI Growing our Listening Legacy: Treasuring Past, Embracing Present, Creating Future
 Laura Janusik #31  2020 Albuquerque, NM Transformational Listening: Listening for Change
 Chris Bond #32  2011 Johnson City, TN Listening for a Sustainable Future
 Alan Ehrlich #33  2012 Bremerton, WA We ARE Listening: Advocate, Research, Educate
 Debra Worthington #34  2013 Montreal, Canada Listening: The Art, the Science, the Joie de Vivre
 Pamela Cooper #35  2014 Minneapolis, MN The Power of Storysharing
 Philip Tirpak #36  2015 Virginia Beach, VA Listening: The Key to Life
 Kent Zimmerman #37  2016 Tucson, AZ Listening: A Labor of Love!
 Charles Veenstra #38 2017 Omaha, NEListening for Healing
 Helen Ralston #39
 2018 Dublin, Ireland Listening Beyond Boundaries
 Anita Dorczak #40 2019 Vancouver, Canada Listening to Conflict
 Lori Joubert #41 2020 Seattle, WA

Embrace the World: Listen to Build Relationships

 Melissa Beall #42 2021 Virtual Convention

The Intersection of Teaching, Research, Service, and Practical Application in Listening

 Chris Bond #43  2022 Virtual Convention Listening During a Time of Change
 Raquel Ark #44 2023 Mainz, Germany TBD

Each Planner Inducted as President at Convention

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