ILA International Day of Listening

How International is Your Listening? Join us for the ILA International Day of Listening September 19, 2019.

We are setting up a Giant Listening Café all over the world! Join the worldwide conversation on September 19, 2019! The day will engage people of all ages around the world in listening interactions - everything from one-on-one conversations with friends and family, to business or community meetings, to governments and their citizens talking about mutual concerns. 

The ILA International Day of Listening brings people together through experiences that will help us all to:

·       become more aware of the importance of listening

·       listen to each other better

·       gain awareness of our listening behaviors

Check out the ILA International Day of Listening website at www.internationaldayoflistening.com for guides, explanations, and tips on setting up and conducting listening events and respectful conversations. Look for information on how to participate, templates, guides, listening tips, resources and events.

Check out this example of a Listening Activity from Harvey Weiss, long-term ILA Member:

Title: Listening to Differing Opinions

Author: Harvey Weiss

Subject: Disruptive Ideologies

Activity: Attend a service, rally, protest, or something like this that is different from your usual beliefs


·       prepare to feel uncomfortable with your established mind set and be open to other ideas.

·       get ready to feel challenged by all the contrariness you will see and feel at whatever exposure/experience you choose

·       identify your past knowledge and feelings. Accept them. Make room for possible alterations. Change can sometimes be painful.

Outcome: Better understanding that ideologies can be more complex than we think. There are no bumper sticker solutions to complex issues, both personal, and political.

Join the worldwide conversation on the ILA International Day of Listening September 19, 2019!

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