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The Someone To Tell It To organization models intentional listening and compassionate presence. Michael  Gingerich, M.Div, and Tom Kaden, M.Div are co-founders.  They take the time to build trust, ask good  questions, and offer authentic, non-judgmental care. 

An example of another ILA Affiliate organization is the Korea Listening Institute, sponsored by KookEun Han PhD, consultant and CEO. The Korea Listening Institute has several listening cafes in Korea. Website: www.listening.re.kr

To find out about more about the ILA Affiliate Program, review the information below.

ILA Organizational Affiliate Program

The ILA is often approached by organizations wishing to affiliate with us. These are usually companies, universities, non-profits and others who are interested in extending listening capability in their organizations. We have therefore created the ILA Affiliate Program. Individual people can be ILA Members, and organizations can be Organizational Members, or Affiliates.  Apply to become an ILA Affiliate by clicking Join and choosing the Special Affiliate Status option. Should you want a flier to share with others, click here: Affiliate Program Flier

Small, or large organizations can become Affiliates of the International Listening Association. For an investment of only $50, businesses, universities, healthcare centers, voluntary organizations, music groups are all becoming part of the ILA worldwide network spanning 21 countries.

Would your organization like to have:

• A platform for marketing to international members

• Participation in the ILA Speakers Bureau

• Opportunities to present to international audiences in the ILA Webinar Series

•  Space at the ILA Annual International Convention

• Papers and articles published in the ILA journals

1.     The International Listening Association (ILA) will:

a.     List the name of the Affiliate Organization on the ILA website and include a link to the Affiliate Organization’s website

b.     Offer the opportunity to the Affiliate Organization to present as part of the ILA Webinar Series

c.     Encourage the Affiliate Organization to send proposals for inclusion in the ILA Annual Convention

d.     Disseminate Affiliate Organization news and announcements through the ILA website and electronic newsletters

e.     Include the names of Affiliate Organization speakers in the ILA Speakers Bureau

f.      Include relevant Affiliate Organization books, articles in the ILA website resources section

g.     Provide the Affiliate Organization with a shared space at the ILA Annual Convention for relevant brochures and other information

h.     Include Affiliate Organization suggestions in social media posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

i.      Write articles for inclusion in the Affiliate Organization journals

j.      Consider articles from the Affiliate Organization for publication in ILA journals and/or newsletters

2.     The Affiliate Organization agrees to:

a.     Establish a link to the International Listening Association (ILA) website

b.     Provide information about the International Listening Association (ILA) to its members through regular communication channels

c.     Encourage its members to join the ILA and contribute to advancing the practice, teaching, and research of Listening throughout the world.

d.     Offer to the ILA the opportunity to present and have space at Affiliate's conventions

e.     Include hyperlinks to the ILA website on the Affiliate website

f.      Submit articles to be considered for publication in ILA publications

g.     Register at www.listen.org/Affiliate-Program-Flier and pay an annual fee of $50.

Please invite organizations you know (your own business, employer, health care center, voluntary organization, music group, college or university) to become part of the ILA worldwide network.

Please contact John.backman@listen.org for more information.  More details can be found at: Affiliate Program Flier

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The ILA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization 

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