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ILA Top Convention Paper Award (Sponsored by the Research Committee)

Cindy Gilson (2016) - Understanding How Teachers Orient Their Listening in a Reading Program

Debra Worthington, Shaughan Keaton, Margarete Imhof, & Tuula-Riitta Valikoski (2015) - Examining the Highs & Lows: The Influence of Individual Noise Sensitivity on Mobile Phone Attitudes & Behaviors

Franca Ferrari, Rosanne Vogel, and Barbara Lynch (2014) - 
A New Instrument to Assess Critical Listening Skills

Peter C. Fontana, Andrew D. Wolvin, Peter Fontana, Steven D. Cohen (2013) - Listening Scales:  A Meta-Analysis

Shaughan Keaton, Graham Bodie, Susanne Jones (2012) - The Nature of Supportive Listening III: Individual Listening Values Moderate the Impact of Verbal and Nonverbal Behaviors on Impressions of Helper Supportive Listening

Graham Bodie and Susanne Jones (2011) - The Nature of Supportive Listening II: The Role of Verbal Person Centeredness and Nonverbal Immediacy

Will Powers and Chris Sawyer (2010) - Toward a Theoretical Framework for Listening Fidelity

ILA Top Convention Student Paper Award (Sponsored by the Research Committee)

Amanda Strausser, University of Maryland - College Park, (2015) Listening to Ebola Messages: The Intersection of Listening & Risk Communication

Jennifer Reilly-Bluma, Regent University--(2015) Weaving Ropes With the Desert Fathers: (Re)inventing Rhetorical Theory as Silence & Listening

Andrea Vickery, Shaughan Keaton, Michelle Pence, Graham Bodie (2012) - Intrapersonal Communication and the Listening Process: An Examination of the Functions and Characteristics of Imagined Interactions and Active Empathic Listening

Yukari Kunisue (2010) - Deep Listening and Its Effect on Human Communication

ILA Synergist Research Award (Sponsored by the Research Committee)

Christopher D. Bond (2016) - Redefining Listening Online Contexts: A cross-dynamic analysis of online users' perceptions of listening online

Laura Janusik (2015) - Project: Developing a comprehensive list of cognitive and metacognitive listening strategies used in the US English speaking classroom

Shaughan Keaton, Graham D. Bodie, Robert Keteyian  (2012) - The Intersection of Communication Styles and Listening Styles

Graham D. Bodie and Christopher Gearhart (2011) - Is the Highly Sensitive Person a Sensitive Listener? An Initial Investigation into the Relationship between Sensory Processing Sensitivity and Recognition of Emotions

Stephen McCord (2010) - Leadership Style and Listening Practices of IMB Team Leaders: A Correlational Study

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